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Be YOU, The world will just have to adjust😉

Hello good people! My name is Tierra and I love everything and everyone creative! Creativy of all forms feeds my soul and the older I get the more I yearn for it. When I was younger I loved shoes, clothes,fashion,and style but didn’t have the right support around me to push me further than my town I was in. Im a licensed cosmetologist of 16+ years and absolutely love it because that shows my creativity too. I always wanted my on clothing line but didn’t know were too start by creating it. Then my 30th birthday came and  I knew I was past time of having new goals met AND THEN I SAW THE BEAUTIFUL & TALENTED MIMI G and my world changed. I went out and  bought me a sewing machine and____________IT STAYED IN MY CLOSET, STILL IN THE BOX FOR ABOUT 2 YEARS because I was too intimidated to start but I eventually got my nerves up and DID IT and guess what IT WAS EASY PEASY😫 So please don’t be like me and let fear hold you back from learning. Fast forward I been sewing now for 4 1/2 years and LOVE IT!!!    If I don’t know how to create it, I make it my goal to learn how to do it, so come take this fashion ride me, learn with me, and grow me……..SHUNNIcreations