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Welcome Good People!

First off, THANK YOU for taking time out of your awesome day to visit my blog. I really appreciate this!!! Make your-self a home and don’t become a stranger because I definitely LOVE new, inspiring, creative friends and yes I believe all of us are creative in our on way.

I was born in Arkansas but raised in Memphis,Tn so Im a country GAL and PROUD OF IT 😉. I have been sewing for over 4 years now and still learn something new everyday about it and know sewing has gotten me into making my own jewelry, gardening, and around the house d.i.y. I have always been creative with my hands due to me being a licensed cosmetologist for over 14 plus years so I was made to create.

Im a mother of 2 boys so that means life can be very busy sometimes, but I always remember to try to balance times with family and doing the things I love ( TRY!) so my goal is to bring you exciting content atleast 3 times a week. Drop by anytime you want and remember “If you want it, you have to learn it, and I want to learn with you……………… Shunni’

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